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New Dental Innovations - Virtual Implant Placement Software

Virtual Implant Placement Software

Implant placement can be challenging particularly when bone levels are limited and we have been using the information that a CT scan can provide for many years. This produces 3D colour images of the head, teeth, jawbone and facial muscles in incredible detail.

  • To check a patient's suitability for dental implants
  • To check bone quality prior placement of dental implants
  • To find the most suitable area in the jaw bone to place a dental implant
  • To have a 3D view of the sinus cavities and surrounding areas

The Virtual Implant Placement software is a massive step forward.

It is used in combination with the digital information provided by the CT scan, allowing us to plan the surgery in a virtual environment and explore the options available, to provide the best solution for the Patient. We can then formulate the preferred way forward in consultation with the restorative dentist.

After thorough planning we can commission a surgical stent based on the accurate measurements and preparation, which reduces the unknown variables present in any surgical case.

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