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I was referred to Pieter after a root canal treatment failed and after extensive examination was told I suffered from severe gum disease and needed to have my front four bottom teeth extracted. A fully comprehensive treatment programme was outlined for recovery of my gums including bone graft and implants. Costs involved were very clearly outlined.

Extraction was uncomfortable rather than painful and my mouth healed very quickly. After the implant operation I felt no discomfort whatsoever – I could not quite believe how pain free the whole procedure was and my mouth looked very healthy. During the whole period from extraction my progress was monitored.

I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone.


I have had my implants now for 14 years. The treatment and follow up appointments I received were excellent and I have no problems at all. The implants gave me my confidence back as I had become very self conscious with my dentures. I am very grateful to Pieter and his team.


My wife had been a patient of Dr van Heerden for several years and had always been delighted with her periodontal treatment. She encouraged me to consult him when a bridge failed for the second time and caused me to lose five of my top front teeth. At the time I was finding both eating and talking both difficult and embarrassing.

Dr van Heerden provided me with 5 implants which are just like having my own teeth back. I tell everyone, that despite the work perhaps seeming expensive at first, it is the best money I have ever spent and I would recommend anyone in need of implants to consider choosing Dr van Heerden, who I found to be very kind and reassuring throughout every stage of Treatment.


There’s no question in my mind that without Pieter’s periodontal care, I would today be wearing dentures. When I first visited his surgery several years ago, gum disease was found to be so advanced that I was close to losing my molars. Thanks to Pieter’s surgical expertise, my teeth were saved - painlessly.

But this was just the beginning. Pieter then took time to explain to me the importance of working together on a preventative programme to ensure my teeth remain healthy.

Pieter and his team of highly trained staff are a pleasure to deal with and together give me the peace of mind of knowing that my teeth are – and will be - well cared for.