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Case Studies
before extraction of left
front tooth
after extraction & socket preservation
after crown fitted
on implant
xray after crown fitted
on implant
front tooth on the left
to be extracted
crown after immediate implant placement
xray before extraction
xray after immediate placement of implant
before extraction
after extraction of tooth
implant placement
implant crown
very narrow bone ridge and space between tooth roots too small for conventional Implant
mini implant in place
mini implant crown
Very narrow bone
very narrow bone width after extraction
after block bone graft to increase bone width
after implant placement
after Implant crown fitted
TADS for Orthodontic purposes
3D planning using Virtual Implant Placement software
Immediate Implant placement of an Implant after extraction of a molar tooth
xray before extraction
large socket after extraction
"Maxi" implant fits large
molar socket
after crown fitted
on implant
failed 3 unit bridge before extractions
after 3 crowns were fitted on 3 implants
xray before
xray after
before extraction of severely affected upper teeth
after denture fitted on 6 Implants
before extractions
after implant placement
before extractions of
upper teeth
after fixed bridge on
8 implants
before tooth extraction
after 8 impalnts placement