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Tooth whitening Treatment

Tooth whitening has become very popular, you only have to look at the advertisements for Toothpaste to know that the colour of your teeth is a big concern to many people.

Home whitening is a predictable and cost effective treatment. This is the type of Treatment that we can provide.

What does it involve? You would have a consultation to decide if you are suitable for this Treatment and if you decide to go ahead we would record the current shade of your teeth and usually take a photograph. Then a simple mould of your teeth is taken to make thin translucent tooth trays, similar to a gum shield but thinner, to fit your dentition.

A couple of weeks later the fit of the tray is tested and you will take home a supply of bleaching gel together with full instruction on its use.

It can take about 6 weeks to see good results and the overall whitening effect is dependant upon what has caused the teeth to become discoloured in the first place. We would advise that you return after about 8 weeks and we can measure the shade you have achieved.

Safety studies have shown that this gel is safe on the teeth, gums, cheeks and soft tissue in the mouth. Unlike some bleaching kits purchased over the counter that contain an acid rinse which can damage the teeth or thin down the enamel of the teeth.

This treatment will not be suitable for everyone, it is not advisable to bleach your teeth if you smoke or have any crowned or heavily filled teeth at the front of your mouth.

Prices start from 360.00. We have more information in the surgery, please call us to arrange a consultation (01727 831 311).