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CT Scanner

What is a CT Scan

A CT examination creates a set of images of thin slices of the body. These allow detailed visualisation of 2D "slices" through the body as well as 3D reconstructions of anatomy. Generally, the data is used for diagnostics purposes, for planning surgery or for the production of models.

Unlike traditional CT scanners our CT examinations done by the Soredex Cranex 3D Scanner are carried out in an upright position rather than lying down, and the patient is unobstructed making the experience less intimidating for the anxious patient.

You will be referred to us by your clinician if you need a Cone Beam CT Scan as part of diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Coming in for your scan

Expect to be on the premises for 30 minutes or so. You will be asked to remove any metal-containing jewellery or prostheses which may affect the imaging.

Your clinician may have provided you with a "stent" to wear in your mouth at the time of your scan, if this is the case please bring it along with you.

Advantages of CBCT scanning technology for our patients include:

  • The efficacy of treatment is increased and potential risks and mistakes are greatly reduced.
  • This advanced form of technology can help to put the patient's mind at ease, as images can be used to explain how a procedure is going to work.
  • This allows the patient an improved understanding of the treatment and enables them to be better prepared.
  • Nervous or anxious patients are able to be better informed about the workings of a particular oral health problem or dental treatment.

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